• Humbucker
  • 4-Conductor Wire
  • Alnico 8 Magnet
  • Bridge 6.8K  
  • F-Spaced 53mm

Demonstration using the TuckerBucker™ pickup:

“Just got through giving my new TuckerBucker a workout! Yikes… what a beast, love it, love it, love it. Installed into my old Melody Maker, you guys did a great job and I’m in love with the old girl again! Thanks a million!”
Dan Coffeen 


Automated PU winder

This is a close-up look of a bobbin being wound on our automated pickup coil winding machine. Having automation, with multi programmable settings insures that a pickup of your choice can be consistently reproduced.


Pickup parts

BUILD A PICKUP™ is for you creative minds. This is a service where we provide you the opportunity to create your own custom pickup from scratch. You pick out the materials and decide the details with us, and we’ll do all the rest. For the finishing touch, you can have your initials engraved into the pickup chassis.


 ANT – Custom designed artist pickups.

“These pickups are so responsive and sexy. They’re hot! Thank you John.”

Ant Glynne – Rick Wakeman (Yes), ASIA, Slash, Mike Oldfield, and Leo Sayer to name a few.


Demonstration using custom tailored BGF pickups: